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Issue DateTitleContributor(s)
2021Unit-1 Definition and Goals of Psychological ResearchShetgovekar, Suhas
2022Unit-1 Human Resource Management (HRM)Shetgovekar, Suhas
2021Unit-1 Introduction to Applied PsychologyShetgovekar, Suhas
2021Unit-1 Introduction to inferential statisticsShetgovekar, Suhas
2020Unit-1 Introduction to statisticsShetgovekar, Suhas
2021Unit-1 Understanding StressShetgovekar, Suhas
2022Unit-10 Career Management and DevelopmentShetgovekar, Suhas
2021Unit-10 Introduction to Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS)Shetgovekar, Suhas
2020Unit-10 Physical Illness Experiences IIShetgovekar, Suhas
2021Unit-11 Computation of Descriptive Statistics using SPSSShetgovekar, Suhas
2022Unit-11 Employee Safety and HealthShetgovekar, Suhas
2020Unit-11 Mental Illness ExperiencesShetgovekar, Suhas
2021Unit-12 Computation of Parametric and Non-parametric Statistics using SPSSShetgovekar, Suhas
2020Unit-12 Correlation: An IntroductionShetgovekar, Suhas
2020Unit-13 Computation of Coefficient of CorrelationShetgovekar, Suhas
2022Unit-2 Human Resource Development (HRD)Shetgovekar, Suhas
2021Unit-2 Introduction to Parametric and Non-Parametric StatisticsShetgovekar, Suhas
2021Unit-2 Methodological Approaches in Applied Social PsychologyShetgovekar, Suhas
2021Unit-2 Problem and HypothesisShetgovekar, Suhas
2020Unit-3 Introduction to measures of central tendencyShetgovekar, Suhas